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Terms of Service: Invoices are due upon receipt. All amounts not paid within 15 days of the due date shall be subject to a service charge of the lower of 1.5% per month or the highest rate under applicable law effective from the invoice date. Client agrees that it shall pay any and all reasonable attorney fees, court costs and other expenses incurred in the collection of any amounts owed by client and not paid when due. Client agrees they (and not any other party) are totally responsible for any unpaid invoice unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Anchor Computer.

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Please be aware, the final invoice you view and approve prior to downloading your file will be the only invoice you will receive. If you require a paper copy of your invoice, please contact us. Your order will be charged up to the line of credit you have established with Anchor Computer Inc. If you reject an order after it has been processed your line of credit will be adjusted accordingly. If you reject your order, the transaction will be canceled and you will have to contact Client Services at before we can reactivate your account.
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